Poetry to Help the Dying

All [good] poetry is [a] preparation for death . . . . Poetry allows us access to the [everyday] mysteries. It allows us to revere the miracle of our lives as we live them, so that when death comes, we’ll be grateful. – Dorianne Laux

If that is so, then relevant poetic readings go way beyond the above materials.

As mentioned in the Introduction, I have been presenting poetry for some years now. As discussed in the article referenced in the Introduction, each of those presentations contains poems that speak to hope, to courage, to beauty, to love, to trust, to spirituality, to loss, to redemption, to belonging, to nature, to family, to time, and to what is timeless/the soul — in short, to the miracle that poet Dorianne Laux identifies.

Those readings are available in the first part of this website for you to pick and choose from.

May we be strong, and give strength to one another.

Marvin Wexler