Candice Stone, who helped me on every step of this poetic venture from its inception.

 Thelma Wexler and Ruth Stone, essential comrades on this road.

 Karina Batista Torres and Al Knapp, who work with me closely and affectionately at my law firm and who did so much that I cannot do to make both the poetry presentations and this website a reality.

 Matt Wexler, Laura Wexler and Edward Drimmer, whose insightful comments helped make this website better.

 Larry Fleming, Lee Pelfrey and Victoria Struss, who were present for each of my poetry presentations to the elders and whose words and acts of encouragement and assistance, to me and to the residents they care for, are so thoughtful and appreciated.

 Eve Triffo, my local counsel in LA and beautiful friend, who asked me for poems.

 Theresa Davidson and the other folks at BrioDigital, who constructed this website.